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LAN Party with the gang from DigitalfrAGS

On Saturday, I got to spend the afternoon with the gang from DigitalfrAGS in Aguascalientes, Mexico for a little PC gaming at their monthly LAN party.  Turnout was expected to be around 9 people and by evening time we had twice that in attendance.  In past LANs we had a more than decent turnout of 30+ people.  This one was more last minute.

However, what the LAN party  lacked in people it made up with in pure fun.  This time around I set up my rig alongside my brother in law, whom I invited, as we blasted humans, aliens and predators in AvP2.  Then, for a little comical shoot ’em up action with Team Fortress 2, we played capture the flag.  I had a blast.  No pun intended.  Unfortunately do to other responsibilities, we had to call it night about 10PM but the rest of the guys went on to play until about 4AM.  Maybe next time.



Birria at “El Hoyo”

We had birria yesterday at my favorite spot in Aguascalientes called Birreria El Maguey.  We never remember the name and just call it “El Hoyo” meaning “the hole” in Spanish.  Because, up until recently the place was just the that, a hole in the wall.

 The place is like a building in ruins with old photos and some ranch paraphernalia.  From the outside, the place does not get your attention at all but it has, in my opinion, one of the best plates of birria available in Aguascalientes.  I always ask for a plate with mixed meat (dark and light) with “machito”.  Although people would tell you otherwise, machito is not male genitalia :P.  It is fatty meat that has been stuffed into intestine, similar to a sausage, that is served along with the birria.  To top off the dish, it is covered with a red sauce and onions.  Other condiments usually available are oregano (or cilantro), lime, chili serranos… all served with fresh corn tortillas.  

I give the birria at Birreria El Maguey a 5 out 5.

Birria El Hoyo

Menudos Coco

Saturday morning my wife and I were craving some menudo, a Mexican delicacy, typically known to cure the common hangover. Neither of us was hungover… just in the mood.

Menudo is a soup made with broth, beef stomach (tastes better than it sounds) and chili spices. It is best accompanied by more chili sauce (to kick it up a bit), chopped cilantro, oregano, chopped onion, red peppers, lime juice and tortillas. There are other variations which are white menudo (red seen here) and also with hominy (the northern variation).

The soup is slightly greasy and also very spicy (depending on your taste).

From time to time I like to indulge and being by first visit to Menudos Coco they had a really tasty dish. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.



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