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Christmas Wish List

Well it is that time of year again.  And, honestly I think I have been pretty good.  Below are items that would be on my wish list.  And by wish list I mean praying really hard type of wishing.  Hey, you can’t hold it against me for trying.  Anyway, some of these I will most likely have to gift myself in order to get them. Continue reading ‘Christmas Wish List’


LAN Party with the gang from DigitalfrAGS

On Saturday, I got to spend the afternoon with the gang from DigitalfrAGS in Aguascalientes, Mexico for a little PC gaming at their monthly LAN party.  Turnout was expected to be around 9 people and by evening time we had twice that in attendance.  In past LANs we had a more than decent turnout of 30+ people.  This one was more last minute.

However, what the LAN party  lacked in people it made up with in pure fun.  This time around I set up my rig alongside my brother in law, whom I invited, as we blasted humans, aliens and predators in AvP2.  Then, for a little comical shoot ’em up action with Team Fortress 2, we played capture the flag.  I had a blast.  No pun intended.  Unfortunately do to other responsibilities, we had to call it night about 10PM but the rest of the guys went on to play until about 4AM.  Maybe next time.


Pair of Nerds

My daughter turned 5 months on December 12.  I decided to give her first lesson with the keyboard on my Mac.



I should have her programming by age 3.

New CPU and Chipset Launch, Tacos

Today I got off to an early start (4:30AM) to catch a bus to Guadalajara where Intel Corporation would be launching its new Core i7 Processor along with it new X58 chipset.  We were invited to attend this in MiPC’s Plaza de la Tecnologia branch store.  

They also took advantage of the launch to inaugurate special modules within their stores to promote new technologies.  MiPC kicked off this event with mini tournament of head-to-head Halo 2 for people who registered.  We were one of the sponsors and also launched our new X58B-A motherboard.  The turn out was modest but, nevertheless, the trend is a pleasant one for the market.  We are happy to see growth and interest in the segment.

After which, I then went to train a new Product Manager we have in a local distributor on our product line.

Wrapping up and calling it day I decided to have a dinner (I skipped lunch) at a local taqueria which I had visited before.  I had several cachete (beef cheek), carnaza (steamed pork) and pastor (marinated pork) tacos and a Coke at Pastor del Sol.  Place has really tasty tacos.  I give their selection a 4 out of 5.

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